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"... If you want to make a sports metaphor, the various corporate people can be seen as members of a team, where the single individuals, although important for the conduct of the race, must harmonize with each other and find the right incentives to direct all efforts to victory. Also in the sport it is said that at the base of the great victories it is essential a strong team spirit, an attachment and a precise identification in the group so that the single individuality must cancel itself for the harmony of the collective, as if they were single instrumentalists led by the master of the orchestra, a harmony of purpose from which it is no longer possible to distinguish the individuality..."
Eng. Giovanni Mele

“The range of Medium Voltage transformers includes more than 80 basic types with over 150 different special versions, each designed and tailored to customer applications.
All transformers are fully designed and manufactured within our company, which operates with Quality Assurance certified according to ISO 9001.
Punctuality, as well as the timing of design and engineering, fully meet the needs of our customers.
Current and Voltage Transformers (CTs and VTs), for indoor use, withstand a voltage insulation up to 36 KV.
CTs for low voltage are mainly ring core type, in cast resin or taped. All CTs and VTs for Medium Voltage are vacuum cast with synthetic resin of high quality.
Current Transformer types include muffler type, tile type, windows type, three-phase type and other special types.
Voltage Transformers types include phase-to-ground type and phase-to-phase type, with and without fuse, types with metallized surface to connect to ground attack Pfisterer, three-phase types and other special types.

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